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Mushrooms From Israel? Big Secret You Have Never Known.

Medinstitute / Nicolenko Clinic is excited to announce the launch of a range of natural immune-modulating supplements, sourced from Israel, produced by Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms Ltd

Mycolivia Medicinal Mushrooms Ltd. products combine ancient traditions and advanced scientific research.

Professor P. Wasser immulivia-com

Mycolivia company, along with Professor Solomon P. Wasser (Israel) and Professor Nachum Vaisman (Israel) who head Mycolivia research team, are at the front line of research and knowledge regarding medicinal mushrooms and developing mushrooms derived food supplements for support and balancing in diverse fields.

Professor P. Wasser: Head of the Department of Evolutionary and Environmental Biology at Haifa University, is a world-leading mycologist (medicinal mushroom researcher).

Professor Vaisman was the former head of the Sourasky Medical Center’s Clinical Nutrition Unit.

Medicinal mushrooms have been researched for many years, and are thought to possess properties that support, enhance, strengthen, balance, and even activate systems in the human body.

Mushrooms are whole food, containing protein, vitamin B, minerals, vitamin D2, anti-oxidants, and beta-glucans in a unique form allowing them to be absorbed into the blood flow in their original natural state.
medicinal mushrooms

In many studies, mushrooms have been found to be effective in supporting and enhancing the immune system, improving energy levels and vitality, balancing the nervous system, and improving memory, and blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels.

Mycologia mushrooms extract is of the greatest potency, compared to other products produced around the globe, reaching a concentration of polysaccharides (beta-glucans) as high as 50% which makes them an outstanding product supporting and modulating the immune system.

Myco Digest, Myco Women, Myco Executive, Myco Protect, Myco Therapic, and Myco Balance are the most famous blends which are specially formulated to support specific health conditions connected with digestive, hormonal, urogenital, cardiovascular systems, viruses, infections, helping to get rid of side effects during treatments by antibiotics and chemotherapy.

Professor Nachum Vaisman who is specialized in gastroenterology and Doctor of Natural Medicine Mrs. Sharon Ellion from Israel will be presenting the Mycolivia product range and reply to questions of the audience visiting Medinstitute / Nikolenko Clinic.

Your Media & Project Contact in Cyprus:


Mr. Mikhail Lalaev,

  • Head of Department of Bioresonance Analysis & Functional Ingredients of Medinstitute / Nikolenko Clinic (Cyprus)
  • Immulivia Store Founder

Phone/Whatsapp: (357) 99 746700, (357) 22 755 940

Email: immulivia@gmail.com

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