Metabiotic Antiviral Spay

Metabolic Antiviral Spray

Heritage and deep knowledge from virologists

Newly designed Metabiotic Antiviral Spray for the prevention and protection against bacterial and viral infections. Supports beneficial nasal microflora, and the fight against allergens

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray is a hygienic product of prophylactic activity for mass use designed by scientists of the Lomonosov Moscow state University using knowledge and experience inherited from the long-term development of Russian virologists. The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray is intended to replace the wrong usage masks and antiseptics. It is needed to protect the skin of face and hands cleaning, removing skin irritation as well as to provide protection of mouth and throat mucous against bacterial and viral infections.

Antiviral and Antimicrobal Metabiotic Spray Benefits

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray contains specific antiviral and antimicrobial substances for recovery of useful human microflora. This substances suppress the viruses and pathogens but make no harm for human good microorganisms that protect our skin layer and mouth environment.

The acceleration of regeneration of mucous and integuments

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray creates a protective covering on the skin and in the cavity, which promotes the epithelization process that speeds up mucus recovery.

The remove of allergens

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray contains an isotonic solution enforced with macro and microelements. It can deactivate and wash out the allergens from the irritated surfaces.

Anti-inflammatory and moisturizer

Irrigation of the oral cavity and human skin allows you to preserve moisture in the upper layers of the epithelium. It helps to separate foreign invaded pathogens that can promote the inflammation.

Local Immunity Support

Human microflora performs not only vital functions but participating in the performance of the digestive, and immune systems, in the production of vitamins, hormones, and other biologically active substances/ Microflora is of the great importance in protection from various viruses. The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray provides general support to the local beneficial human microflora, which helps to strengthen the immune system.

Faster regeneration of the mucous membrane and skin

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray creates a preventive protection coating on the skin and in the oral cavity that promotes enhanced epithelialization.

Application of Metabiotic Antiviral Spray

Mouth cavity


  • Apply on the inner side of the cheeks, lips, and guns.
  • The preparation is harmless if swallowed incidentally.


  • Apply on the inner and outer sides on the dry palms if the hands must wash spray them again.
  • Apply evenly on the face, the eyes must be closed. The preparation is harmless for the skin around the eyes.

For the family protection

  • It doesn`t suppress useful human microflora
  • It doesn`t destroy the epithelium
  • It doesn`t provoke the premature aging
  • It is not addictive
  • It doesn`t contain alcohol, heavy metals, synthetic and other harmful substances
  • It doesn`t poison the human organism
  • It has prophylactic efficiency for flu including viruses like SARS-COV-2
  • It has antimicrobic effect: it fights against cold in the head, gum diseases, sore throat and other similar conditions

Approved by FGBU NITSEM named after N.F. Gamalei of the Ministry of Health of Russia

The prevention of the diseases is of course much cheaper than a full treatment course. Neither masks nor gloves can give the necessary protection efficiency. Wrong usage, neglect of protection can mean thread to be infected with virus, bacteria or get an allergy.

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray can help to eliminate the false sense of safety for those who wears conventional masks. The application of spray can be easily combined with conventional masks and provide you with double protection. If you apply the spray, and wear mask, and mask fails to stop the virus the active components of spray inactivate pathogens right in your mucouse protecting your nasal and mouth invironment.

The antibiotics and antiviral medicine can help pretty quickly but they destroy healthy microflora. For your info: it is microflora containing immune cells that CONSTANTLY fights against the viruses and other pathogens.

Probiotics and prebiotics are not so harmless as they may seem. Using the “useful bacteria” without proper control also breaks the balance of human microflora and can cause serious immune problems or even sepsis.

We have worked out a new Metabiotic Antiviral Spray against viruses and pathogenic microflora. It activates the ability of self-protection and multiplying healthy microflora that suppresses infection by itself. There are no analogs in the world!

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray contains specific antivirus and antimicrobic substances synthesized by useful human microflora, i.e. this combination suppresses viruses and pathogenic microflora but harmless for an aboriginal microorganism that protects on the skin, in the mouth, and nasal cavities of a man.

The Metabiotic Antiviral Spray also contains organic and mineral substances in physiological concentration promoting the development of useful human microflora.

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