IVO Therapy-Sujok Acupuncture

The effect of Sujok therapy is achieved by acting on bioactive points. It is a holistic therapy, and therefore one of the methods of Oriental acupuncture.

What makes Sujok acupuncture unique?

First of all, the large number of bioactive points concentrated on the palms and fingers, and feet. The concentration of bioactive points in these areas is comparable to that of the auricles.

Therefore, Sujok is comparable to auriculotherapy in its effectiveness.

Ivo Therapy has a modern approach to alternative medicine

Ivaylo Georgiev has a modern approach to alternative medicine, curating personal treatments according to each patient’s specific needs. Specializing in the Korean Su Jok acupuncture, classical Chinese acupuncture with moxa, meditation, and kosmoenergy.

Ivo studied Su Jok acupuncture in South Korea for 5 years and achieved remarkable results, noted by the Korean masters

He focuses on treating the cause of the diseases, rather than the symptoms. Seeing the body as a complex map of interconnected organs with unique ever-changing rhythms, and reading the logic of that system gives a deeper understanding of why we feel, and function the way we do on a daily basis. A treatment that balances these rhythms, and triggers the immune system to its optimal capacity is the foundation of Ivo’s healing practices.

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