Bioresonance – NLS diagnostics

Full Body Scan

Bioresonance – NLS diagnostics is a holistic method to monitor the status of immune system and sickness causing roots

NLS-diagnostics is the method of computer-based analysis of the body that allows you to see the condition of the body’s organs and systems as well as to estimate the presence of diseases, infections, monitor allergens and energy-information burden, which affects health and mood conditions. It will also help to compile an individual program of nutritional support for the treatment of sickness, allergy, or just prevention.

The entire process is non-invasive, clearly visible to the patient, applicable to people of different ages, does not harmful, and takes about one hour. It allows to save time and money for expensive outpatient examinations, because the area of abnormalities in the human body is immediately visible.

General Specs of Bioresonance/Biofeedback NLS diagnostics (analysis):

General Functions of NLS diagnostics (analysis):

  • Up to 392 organs and cross sections with display of current functional state are analyzed
  • Detection of probability of pathological, histological processes with 85% accuracy
  • Detection of causing root of pathology and psychophysiological deviations
  • Health conditions dynamics tracking (comparative analysis and history)
  • Individual identification of harmful substances and factors – allergens, contaminants, energy aggravations, etc.
  • Natural and organic supplements can be selected individually from the available database (allopathy, homeopathy, phytopreparations, various dietary supplements)
  • Producing of energy-informational healing remedies for each and every patient individually using a certain matrix (water, alcohol, sugar, paraffin/oil)
  • Real time sessions of energy-informational support (aka Mora-therapy)
  • Vegeto-test of any medications, homeopathy and dietary supplements

Bioresonance/biofeedback NLS-diagnostics (analysis) Full Body Scan and Results Monitor:

Bioresonance/biofeedback NLS-diagnostics (analysis) Blood Cells Scan and Results Monitor:

Bioresonance/biofeedback NLS-diagnostics (analysis) Liver Scan and Results Monitor:

Bioresonance/biofeedback NLS-diagnostics (analysis) Trachea Scan and Results Monitor:

Bioresonance/biofeedback NLS-diagnostics (analysis) Male Small Pelvis Scan and Results Monitor:

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