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Doctor of Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, and Ayurveda

Hello, my Dear Friends!

My name is Dr.K.Nagaraja Samaga, I am from India, and I am an Ex. Professor from Ayurveda medical institute; practicing Ayurveda medicine for the last 24 years in Goa.


 B.A.M.S. (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)  from SDM College of Ayurveda, Mangalore university in the year 1992.

 M.D. (Doctor of medicine) Ayurveda herbal medicine From an  internationally  reputed and highly  prestigious  Institute for Postgraduate Teaching and Research, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Jamnagar, India in the year 1995


Master Hypnotist in clinical hypnotherapy at California Hypnosis Institute of India(CHII)

Also completed my advanced course on Hypnotic modalities for behavioral resolutions, working with children’s behavioral problems, cognitive dysfunctions, and patients with alcohol / tobacco addiction


Natural healing by incorporating the basic laws of nature and balancing the 5 basic elements of nature(Space/ether, wind, fire, water, earth) in the body.

My Academic Positions

  • Hon. house physician from July 1992 to June 1993  in the I. P. G. T. & R. hospital Jamnagar.
  • Hon. clinical registrar   From July  1993 to June 1995 in the  Gujarat Ayurveda University Hospital.

My research project was on the evaluation of source plants of  Sahachara (Barleria prionitis,   Strobilanthes heyneanus, and S. sessilis) on immuno-compromised inflammatory disorders with special reference to Rheumatoid Arthritis was highly appreciated by Ayurveda researchers. The work highlighted the role of Ayurvedic herbs in the immune-suppression and immune-modulation activity in treating auto-immune disorders.

  • Assistant Professor & Head of the departments of Ayurveda Herbal Medicine (Dravya Guna) and toxicology (Agad tantra) at  Gomantak  Ayurvedic  Medical College Shiroda-GOA.
  • Associate Professor in the dept. of herbal medicine at Ganga  Ayurvedic college at Kolhapur, Maharastra.
  • Professor in the dept. of herbal medicine at Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadhinglaj, Maharastra.

 Chairperson, Board of studies member at GOA UNIVERSITY (India) for Ayurvedic paraclinical departments.

YOGA practices trained at Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali yoga center and Shivananda institute of yoga  Along with basic Reiki qualifications.

Work experience

Vast experience in patient handling, therapy planning, diet planning, and working on treating varied disease conditions


  • Ayurvedic Diet Therapy
  • Drugless therapy
  • Panchamahabhuta therapies,
  • Nadataranga music bowl therapies
  • Panchakarma detox therapies
  • Herbal/diet detox therapies

Hobbies and Interests

  • Nature treks
  • Medicinal herbs exploration camps/workshops/talks
  • Coaching the medical college students in the field of medicinal herbs,
  • Assisting local farmers to cultivate medicinal/commercial herbs
  • Organizing lectures to school students to introduce them to mother nature
  • Lectures to corporate employees regarding their health maintenance
  • Protecting the flora and fauna has been a special interest.


Born in a traditional village with minimum modern amenities, grown among the green wealth. As a young boy, I was exposed to and trained in quick herbal remedial systems of the village which helped me to understand our deep-rooted relationship with nature.


To establish a completely self-sustaining Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga hospital in Goa (India)


  • Vice president at International Naturopathy Organization (INO) GOA chapter
  • Member of  Business Network International (BNI)
  • Member  of Rotary Club of  Margao
  • Advisor, Ayurveda vyasapeeth, Goa

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